Osorb® Media

Osorb® media is a family of sorbents that solves existing and emerging problems in water treatment, personal care, and other applications.


What is Osorb® Media?

Osorb® media is a porous, elastic, silica-based absorbent that has a strong affinity for a wide range of organic compounds. It is non-toxic, bio-compatible, regenerable, and has an extremely high loading capacity. Osorb media has the ability to expand several times its volume as it absorbs compounds.  Osorb® technology is the foundation of a suite of products designed to provide solutions for a variety of applications.

The capture and release capability of Osorb® media allows for the controlled delivery of active ingredients, such as flavors and fragrances. ABS Materials has also developed special versions for use in cosmetic applications such as absorption of oils from skin and hair (sebum).


Osorb® media has a very high loading capacity for organic compounds which, in most cases, far exceeds the capacity of traditional absorbents. Furthermore, Osorb® media can be regenerated and reused with no deterioration in its performance. The regeneration process is simple and can be done on site, allowing continuous operation without media replacement. Regeneration allows reclamation of absorbed materials for proper disposal, recycling, or further processing.

Modified versions of Osorb® media are available for the following applications:

  • Removal of dissolved metals from water
  • Removal of dispersed oil from water
  • Vapor capture
  • Reduction of chlorinated compounds


ABS Materials has developed a large family of Osorb-based medias to serve many different applications and their specific needs. Examples are:

  • Protection of drinking water from new contaminants of concern, such as algae toxins, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals
  • Treatment of a variety of contaminants in industrial wastewater
  • Removal of pollutants in stormwater runoff and the enhancement of green infrastructure stormwater systems
  • Enhancement of Personal Care and Cosmetic products
  • Delivery of active ingredients in a controlled manner
  • Remediation of polluted groundwater sites
  • Improvement of sampling, monitoring, and laboratory analytical devices
  • Removal of hydrocarbons from produced water in the Oil & Gas industry