Osorb is a flexibly constructed, animated organosilica—or swellable glass—that has been nano-engineered to capture contaminants such as oil, pesticides, and pharmaceutical products.
Because of Osorb's unique structure, it allows for the capture of contaminants but excludes water. It is also reusable and has a very high absorption capacity, plus no toxic byproducts. As a result, it is an ideal tool for cost-efficient and highly effective water treatment.
   1. Swelling up to 14 times its original size, Osorb can capture a wide range of dissolved and dispersed organics from water. These include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chlorinated solvents, endocrine disruptors, and other contaminants. Nutrients in soil are also reduced due to significantly increased uptake.
2. The material can be regenerated from hundreds of times to endlessly. Absorbed compounds can be removed with mild thermal treatment or rinsing. Any absorbed organics can then be properly disposed, recycled, or further refined.

3. ABSMaterials has modified Osorb for many applications. The company is currently working on several innovations of interest to remediation and separation technology users. Contact info@absmaterials.com for more information, or visit the link below.

Learn about Osorb modified for water remediation. Modified versions of Osorb not only capture, but also, break down contaminants in a catalytic process. There are no toxic byproducts, no hazardous air emissions, and little to no landfilled waste.
*Osorb-based materials and systems are currently marketed and sold exclusively by ABSMaterials, Inc., its subsidiaries, or authorized representatives for a variety of environmental remediation applications, produced water treatments, and separations.

Osorb Swelling In Real Time

Osorb Swelling in Real Time
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