ABS honored with BlueTech® Research Innovation Tracker Award

posted Apr 17, 2014, 9:13 AM by Kellie Lynch   [ updated Apr 17, 2014, 9:15 AM ]

In acknowledgement of its novel, innovative water technology, Osorb
®, ABSMaterials, Inc. has been awarded the Innovation Tracker Badge by BlueTech® Research. Recognition for this award highlights the advanced nature of ABSMaterials within the water industry, and registers the company within the BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker.

Comprising over 500 companies, the BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker provides a live, online tool to track the most important innovative, disruptive technology companies in the industry. Innovation Tracker companies are hand-selected based on a number of criteria, including the BlueTech Research “Disrupt-o-Meter”, which measures the technology’s disruptive potential within the water market. The Innovation Tracker maps key companies and technologies within the water sector, providing users with the ability to filter through companies and gather comprehensive data on each technology.

Stephen Spoonamore, CEO of ABSMaterials Inc said, “It is an honor to receive the Innovation Tracker Award. This award bolsters our belief in Osorb® and is a source of great pride for our team. We thank BlueTech Research for recognizing the innovative potential of our technology and for including us in the Innovation Tracker, where we look to garner more exposure within the water industry.”

About BlueTech® Research

BlueTech Research, an O2 Environmental company, is an independent water technology market intelligence firm. The firm provides actionable insights to a global client base on innovative and disruptive technologies, market direction, market opportunities, and access to intelligence on the companies innovating in the water space. To learn more or schedule a demo, please visit or email

ABSMaterials named a semi-finalist in the Global Water For Food Challenge

posted Mar 24, 2014, 1:22 PM by Kellie Lynch

In many regions of the world, including the United States, the water available for growing crops has become increasingly polluted with industrial, agricultural, and pharma chemicals which have measurable negative impacts on plant health and crop productivity.
ABSMaterials BioMix-Osorb®, when added to filtration systems or directly into impacted soil is reversing this problem, with 20-70% greater yields coming from plants protected by BioMix-Osorb soil amendments.  

USAID, along with leadership in EU, Swedish and Danish development agencies, have identified this as a massive unmet global need and called on the private sector to enter a Grand Challenge to address this growing concern.

ABSMaterials is proud to be among the finalists being considered for deployment, with a commitment for over $30M in funded pilots.   ABS was selected after over 500 teams submitted proposals.   ABS is in the process of completing the final selection round documents and looks forward to continuing our work removing dangerous chemicals from water used for agriculture, drinking and critical habitats.

For more information about Securing Water For Food: A Grand Challenge, please check out their website.

A list of challenge semi-finalists can be found here.

Best in the U.S.! - Wayne Named Top Micro for Economic Growth in 2013

posted Mar 4, 2014, 2:09 PM by Kellie Lynch   [ updated Mar 5, 2014, 10:28 AM ]

ABSMaterials Inc. sends the heartiest congratulations to Mr. Rod Crider, his entire team at WEDC and to everyone in the amazing business community we call home. Our leadership has always believed Wooster-Wayne County Ohio is the greatest small city in America to build an innovative materials company. We are extremely pleased to see this wonderful level of national recognition. Again, congratulations.

For more information on Wayne County's Economic Growth and to read the article featured in Site Selection Magazine, view: The Ladder Effect - Site Selection Article

The historic Wayne County Courthouse in Wooster stands as one of Northeast Ohio’s signature works of architecture. 
(PHOTO Courtesy of SiteSelection)

Osorb® by any other name can make you smell so sweet.

posted Mar 3, 2014, 2:09 PM by Kellie Lynch   [ updated Mar 3, 2014, 2:12 PM ]

ABSMaterials, Inc. of Wooster, OH is pleased to announce the availability of a cosmetic-grade Osorb® absorbent material for use in personal care, pet-care and home-care applications.

February 27, 2014 

WOOSTER - The Personal Care Products Council, PCPC, has completed the review of Osorb® and assigned an INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) name to Osorb: Dimethicone/Phenyl Silsesquioxane/Phenyl Bis-Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer. The Personal Care Products Council is the voice on scientific, legal, regulatory, legislative and international issues for the personal care product industry. Registration of product by the Council into the INCI registry is a milestone for the company. Information on cosmetic-grade Osorb will be published in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook, the web-based dictionary wINCI, and the Personal Care Council’s On-Line INFOBASE.

Osorb has several unique qualities which make it a highly attractive ingredient for personal care, pet care and home care application. First, Osorb has unmatched ability to absorb oil/sebum/odors from hair or skin while remaining dry to the touch. Second, Osorb when finely ground is both dry and pleasantly smooth to the touch. Third, Cosmetic-grade Osorb is highly controllable, ABS can make Osorb match almost any color desired for beauty or home application, and Osorb can also be pre-loaded with fragrances for continuous and pleasant release of perfume ingredients while absorbing oils, sebum and unwanted odors.

ABSMaterials has been working with leading developers of personal care, home care and pet care products to incorporate Osorb into advances in well known household brands. We are proud to be working with market leaders and look forward to a range of new and versatile products that will enhance the effectiveness of many products already popular with consumers. The completion of review by PCPC and issue of an INCI name allows our materials to be incorporated into literally thousands of potential products which use these governing bodies as standard for safety and effectiveness.

We expect to see the first of these products on store shelves in 2015.

Calling all interns!

posted Feb 12, 2014, 8:09 AM by Kellie Lynch


Calling all interns!

ABS has just posted four new internship positions that are now open for 2014. 
Are you a college student looking to gain experience growing industry of Green Technology? 
Whether its lab work, building rain gardens, or even marketing and sales that interests you, look no further! Check out our website to view the job postings and best of luck to all who apply! 


Does ABSMaterials have the Best NEO Internship Program?

posted Jan 15, 2014, 12:36 PM by Kellie Lynch

We sure think we do, and we've been selected as a finalist for The Expy Awards!

ABS is proud to announce that our internship program has been selected as a finalist for The Expy Awards for Best NEO Internship Program! 
We'd also like to extend a special congratulations to Alyssa Fulwider, who oversees the program, for all of her hard work and dedication. 

Above: ABSMaterials Interns hard at work learning valuable skills, problem solving, and having fun while doing it!

The Expys awards will be announced on Thursday, March 27, 2014, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Independence.
The Expys is a production of NOCHE and CBC Magazine.

ABS featured in The Daily Record

posted Jan 9, 2014, 1:26 PM by Kellie Lynch   [ updated Jan 15, 2014, 6:34 AM ]

ABS featured in The Daily Record on December 29, 2013. The article focused on an interview with Mr. Spoonamore about his excitement for 2013's successes and new prospects for 2014, including projects in India, South Korea, and Australia.

The full article can be viewed here:

Shout out to the City of Akron

posted Dec 18, 2013, 10:03 AM by Kellie Lynch   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 10:13 AM ]

  ABSMaterials is incredibly pleased by the growing number of stormwater professionals, communities, and statewide policy makers who are coming to understand that stormwater "solutions" of the 20th century are ineffective, unsustainable, not resilient, and highly expensive. Low Impact Designs with Green BioMix-Osorb Solutions from ABSMaterials are repeatedly outperforming these antiquated grey designs, often by orders of magnitude. 

20th Century "Grey" Stormwater Designs are ineffective at treating the large amount of
 stormwater many cities like Akron receive, and are costly to install and maintain. Green 
technology, like BioMix-Osorb Systems, offers new solutions to stormwater runoff problems.

ABSMaterials would like to give a huge Green Holiday Shout Out to Akron, OH, the US EPA, and the many other folks involved in their new approaches to solving their stormwater issues. After nearly a decade of work, which would have ended in an outdated 20th Century design, the City of Akron has taken a deep breath and said, "Let's rethink this." We commend Akron for this decision and hope that they join the Green Stormwater Community and develop a brilliant, integrated, cost-effective, sustainable, resilient, and world-class system. Let's get to work solving these tough problems.

For more information on the City of Akron's recent announcement and details about withdrawing their proposed 20th century sewer plan, see this article from the Akron Beacon Journal: Akron Withdraws Sewer Plan - Full Article.

ABSMaterials featured in Crain's Cleveland Business

posted Dec 6, 2013, 2:37 PM by Kellie Lynch

ABSMaterials was featured in Crain's Cleveland Business this week for our recent growth and the closing of our Series B financial round! 
We raised over $4M to be put towards manufacturing improvements and expansion into new markets throughout Asia. 

Full article available here:

ABSMaterials Inc. and RKS Ventures close $4M Financial Round

posted Nov 21, 2013, 1:32 PM by Kellie Lynch   [ updated Nov 22, 2013, 7:37 AM ]

Fast growing NE Ohio maker of Osorb ® advanced materials continues growth

Wooster, OH November 21, 2013 ­  ABSMaterials Inc. ( and RKS Ventures, a strategic investment group based in Nashua, NH have completed a Series B Financial Round with the issuing of over $4M in new preferred stock.   The round is joined by existing investors Harris and Harris Group and a number of individuals.   The funding will be used for market expansion, manufacturing improvements and expansion into new markets in Asia.

Osorb® products can remove thousands of volatile organic pollutants from water.  Systems using Osorb today are treating water for industrial remediations, oil and gas process sites and surface water systems needing to clean contaminants and nutrients.

Stephen Spoonamore, the company co­founder said:   “ABSMaterials has commercially fielded Osorb in a number of multi­-Billion dollar markets with very limited resources.  RKS Ventures has deep experience in taking industrial systems and ramping them quickly into asian markets.  We are thrilled to have RKS join the team.”

Dr. Kedar Gupta, with RKS Ventures and CEO of Advanced RenewableEnergy, Inc, founded and built GT Solar  from a start­up  into a publicly traded, dominant equipment solution provider for the solar silicon industry, and founded and developed ARC Energy (
www.arc­ into a leading maker of furnace technology solutions for synthetic sapphire used in LED markets. Dr. Gupta said:  “Our group was looking at a large number of new opportunities in emerging technology.  We view ABSMaterials as having more potential, in more markets than any previous technology we have worked with.”


Scientific review group observing BioMix-Osorb LID stormwater system (notice dumpsters in the background). 
Stormwater running off from this dumpster pad is converted to potable water and thriving
plant life by ABSMaterials Osorb Solutions. This site is a National Science Foundation SBIR study site.

ABSMaterials was founded in 2009 and received $2.6M in A-­round in 2010 funding from North Coast Angel Fund, Harris and Harris Group and Vivero Group.  The company’s customers include global engineering firms URS and Tetratech, several oil and gas firms and a cosmetics company now in human testing.

Paul Edmiston, the inventor of Osorb, co­founder and CSO of ABSMaterials said about the technology; “The company is now making over a ton of our advanced materials every month, and still we continue to innovate and improve the materials’ capabilities, and manufacturing processes.  ABS has a number of extremely exciting developments underway to remove trace pesticides and endocrine mimics from the water of major cities on three continents.  This is a very large and a very difficult problem for other technologies to handle.”

ABSMaterials, Inc. is dedicated to applying advances in 21st century materials science to the challenges created by 20th century industrial processes and chemistry. The company’s advanced water treatment systems use patented Osorb
® absorbent glass materials to remediate oils, solvents and other VOCs in water without negative environmental effect.  ABSMaterials is a privately held company headquartered in Wooster, OH with projects underway in the US, Canada, Australia, India and Korea.

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