Absorbent Medias

ABS supplies a family of sorbents that solves existing and emerging problems in water treatment, personal care, and other applications.


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ABS absorbent medias and additives are porous, elastic, silica-based absorbents that have a strong affinity for a wide range of organic compounds. They are non-toxic, bio-compatible, regenerable, and have high loading capacity. Some have the ability to expand several times their volume to provide extraordinary capacity. 

Some ABS medias are regenerable, so captured compounds can be easily removed. Regenerated medias maintain full functionality and can be used for hundreds of extraction/regeneration cycles. Regeneration allows absorbed compounds to be disposed of, recycled, or reused.

The capture and release capability of ABS medias and additives allows for the controlled delivery of active ingredients, such as flavors and fragrances.

ABS Materials also has media versions for use in cosmetic applications, such as absorption of oils (sebum) from skin and hair.



ABS medias and additives serve many different applications.
Examples are:



Osorb® Media Technology

Osorb® Technology is a mechanically flexible organosilica-based sorbent used in a variety of applications including water purification. The microscale flexibility leads to the spontaneous absorption of organic liquids like a sponge. Swelling is unique for an organosilica. The Osorb technology is based on a patented process that uses molecular-scale organization to form a microscopically flexible pore matrix. Specialized chemistry involving bridged-silane precursors is used to form the molecular-scale architecture. The Osorb media technology is described and exclusively patent protected in US7,790,830, US8,217,131, US8,367,793, US8,703,895, and PCT/US2010/ 048670.