Our History

Located in Wooster, Ohio, ABS Materials was founded in 2008 to develop and provide innovative solutions for the removal of organic compounds from water. Our products are based upon the unique performance characteristics of our patented medias.


About ABS Materials, Inc.

ABS Materials, Inc. ("ABS") provides innovative solutions for water treatment and a wide variety of other applications. Our family of medias and additives are unique of absorbent materials that quickly organic compounds and have the ability to be regenerated. 

abs headquarters

In water treatment, ABS first developed solutions to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from produced water in the Oil and Gas industry. With grant support from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy, the success of ABS technology in this specialized market led to the creation of a spin-off company, Produced Water Absorbents, now named ProSep, which focuses on a number of oil and gas applications.

ABS continues to develop solutions for other challenging problems associated with contaminated water. Focusing on industrial wastewater led to the creation of the Regenex™ Industrial Treatment System that can treat a wide variety of water streams in many industries.

ABS sorbent media is used in all stages of the water cycle. BioMax™ media is used in green infrastructure projects to protect the environment from a variety of contaminants typically found in stormwater runoff, like gasoline, pesticides/herbicides, and nutrients. BioMax™ media can be incorporated into rain gardens, bioswales, tree box filters, storm drain filters, and permeable pavements.

EcoTreat™ injection media is designed to effectively remediate contaminated water and soil in an effective and environmentally friendly way. 

After development of water treatment technology, research and development efforts focused on creating technology for the personal care, household care, and other consumer goods markets. Specialized media was produced for controlled release of active ingredients, and capture of oils from skin and hair.

ABS has used the unique abilities of our medias to create high-functioning, low-cost laboratory consumables and sampling and monitoring devices. These products include the Infinity™ SPE cartridge, QuickPrep™ pipette tips, and the Sentinel™ passive sampler. Additionally, ABS has created a soil detoxifiying soil additive for container gardeners called BioMax™ Plant Booster.

Each new development has been patented, resulting in a US and international intellectual property portfolio of 11 granted patents, with 18 patents pending.

As technology and products have been developed, ABS has built facilities for all of our activities. The 90,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Wooster, OH houses fully equipped chemistry labs, a stormwater lab, specialized media production at multi-ton annual scale, prototype fabrication and test facilities, product assembly and test areas, and business offices.